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Bruno Magli shoes, the most comfortable pair of shoes that you can get for the money.
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Bruno Magli Shoes

GQ magazine's Scott Omelianuk says Bruno Magli shoes are not for the fashion novice. "Bruno Magli's are worn by a guy who understands fashion, likes to dress well and doesn't mind spending money on his clothes".

The bottom line is you would really have to look hard to get shoes that are this comfortable for the money.

Bruno Magli shoes received a lot of publicity when OJ was found to prefer the Bruno Magli shoes Lorenzo-style in 1995. Most companies might prefer not to be associated with someting like this. But President Peter Grueterich of Bruno Magli Shoes America is a believer in the axiom that there's no such thing as bad publicity.

"It has pushed an awareness of the product and the name," said Grueterich. "Certainly, it makes it easier for the person who was before not as familiarized with the product to say, 'This is the famous Bruno Magli.'"

The following year, sales figures for Bruno Magli shoes went up significantly, which is surprising for shoes that start at $300 and go up to nearly $1,000.

Sample Reviews on the most popular and best selling Bruno Magli shoes as follows:
Bruno Magli Shoes - Maioco Oxford
***** (5 stars) by Shoeaholic from Anne Arbor, MI December 21, 2009
By far the most comfortable dress shoes I have ever worn!
They were too expensive for me to even consider purchasing but after actually trying by an accident, my perception completely changed. The three dimensional construction supports entire feet of mine like custom handmade shoes. Before, wearing dress shoes was nothing but a torture but pain no more. They are even more comfortable than many sneakers.In fact these Bruno Magli shoes are even more comfortable than Rockport walking shoes! It was a nice surprise! Not like electronics gears like digital cameras or PCs, all men can wear them for a long, long, time. The comfort will pay you back and great classy look is bonus. If you have had pain wearing dress shoes, please just give it a try! They have all the widths. Choose the right width!

***** (5 stars) by James W, from Las Vegas NV March 2, 2009
Feels like butter !
a splurge for me, for the most comfortable dress shoes i've ever worn. fit just as well as they did in the store. tried it at Nordstrom, but bought from amazon. Not a hard decision. shipped right away, had 'em in 3 days. would do it again in a second.
***** (5 stars) by Steve M. from Vancouver, Canada September 26, 2009
The most comfortable dress shoes ever!
Most Bruno Magli shoes are made from Nappa leather, which is created from (in the case of the Maioco at least) goat skin, yielding a softer and more supple upper than is possible with calf leather. The result is certainly the most comfortable dress shoe I've ever worn, and possibly that you'll ever wear. The vamp of the shoe is high enough to comfortably accommodate a dress-length orthotic.

Style-wise, these are simply gorgeous shoes, just like what you'd see in the pages of GQ or on the runways of Europe's fashion capitals. The slightly tapered toe lends a slenderer silhouette, which is stylish without being trendy - still conservative enough for even the most straitlaced office environments. The stitching on the bottom of the shoe is concealed in a special channel, a hallmark of fine shoe construction which results in a cleaner, more polished appearance. The Maioco, simply put, looks rich, and will doubtless elevate any outfit to a higher level.

Bruno Magli Shoes - Remmos Monkstrap
***** (5 stars) by James J. from Fort Worth, Texas Deptember 23, 2009
The best quality, no need to review. whoever wears Bruno's shoes knows they're the best!

Bruno Magli Shoes - Fubsy Ankle Boot
**** (4 stars) by Andrew L. from Metuchen, NJ June 11, 2009 
Very Nice.
I'm very picky and spent 2 days shopping at over a dozen places for shoes. These have a really soft feel, nice leather quality, and great toe shape. The only thing that I don't like is the extra stitching. But other than that, it's really great. Light, comfortable, and very sharp.